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PVC-UH water supply pipe

High-performance hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-UH) water supply pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride polymer material, adding necessary additives. It is used as a new innovative water supply pipe in traditional PVC- Based on U-tube and PVC-M pipe, the mechanical properties of the product are improved and the pipe connection is improved.



PVC-UH water supply pipe is made by improving the molecular chain structure of PVC, so that the product has high strength, high pressure, ring rigidity, good internal and external pressure, suitable for paving in the pipe gallery, good toughness and high modulus. It has small shrinkage, more than 45% of ring flexible energy, good impact resistance, suitable for material stress release caused by temperature changes in the pipe gallery; built-in plastic inspection well with high pressure sealing performance to ensure piping system Sealing; easy to install and fast maintenance, low maintenance cost; pipeline system design life 50 years, with the advantages of low investment and high cost performance.

"Ao Ke" PVC-UH pipe outer diameter range: dn20mm~dn1600mm, pressure rating: 0.63MPa~2.5MPa. The standard length of the pipes is 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters, and the colors are blue .

The pipe connection method is divided into solvent-adhesive type, elastic sealing ring type and integral apron connection. It can also be connected to other types of pipes such as cast iron pipes by flanges or other suitable adapters.

(2) Implementation standards


(3) Scope of application

Water conservancy project, industrial water supply project, urban pipe network construction project

(4) Product advantages

In addition to PVC-M and PVC-U pipes, PVC-UH pipe has the following advantages: light weight, good corrosion resistance, good hydraulic performance, high mechanical strength, convenient construction, impact resistance and environmental crack resistance.

1 Reliable connection, increased integrated rubber ring connection, reducing the possibility of leakage, thus reducing maintenance costs.

2 The toughness is better, the toughness of the pipe is improved, and the adaptability to geological settlement is better.

3 Improve the mechanical properties and ensure the stability of pipeline operation.

(5) Technical requirements


 Technical indicators

Density / (kg / m3)


Vicat softening temperature / °C


Longitudinal retraction rate / (%)


Dichloromethane immersion test (15 ° C, 15 min)

Surface change is not inferior to 4N

Drop hammer impact test (0 ° C) TIR / (%)


Hydrostatic strength

No cracking, no leakage

System suitability (connection seal test, yaw test, negative pressure test)

No cracking, no leakage

Hygienic performance

Hygienic performance meets the requirements of GB/T 17219-1998 "Safety Evaluation Standards for Drinking Water Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials" and the Health and Safety Commission's "Standards for the Evaluation of Sanitary Safety of Drinking Water Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials".

(6)PVC pipe fittings series

PVC pipe fittings are reliable in connection, have good system sealing, better toughness and high impact resistance. The material is modified to improve the toughness of the material. High impact resistance and effective resistance to water hammer. The mechanical properties are improved, the stability of the pipeline operation is ensured, the minimum required strength of the material is improved, and the bearing strength is high.

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