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PVC-UH sewage, drainage pipe



PVC-UH drain pipe description

     "Ao Ke" low-pressure buried sewage, drainage PVC-UH pipe, the outer diameter of 110mm ~ 1200mm, the color is generally green, the standard length of each pipe is 4 meters or 6 meters, can also be determined by the supply and demand sides.

     The pipe is equipped with a built-in flared one-piece apron for most sewer equipment. It can be connected to cast iron or ductile iron fittings with the appropriate adapter and transition washer.

    "Ao Ke" low-pressure buried sewage, drainage PVC-UH pipe. The product complies with the Shenzhen industry standard SZDB/Z239-2017.

PVC-UH drain pipe advantage

      The design of the strength and rigidity of the "Ao Ke" low-pressure buried sewage and drainage PVC-UH pipe has been improved, and the load carrying capacity of the system is maximized within a certain budget.

    1. It is not affected by substances such as acid and alkali in sewers, and avoids alkaline acid substances from corroding the soil.

    2. Stable performance, can effectively prevent corrosion, can adapt to external current and soil conditions, without liner packaging, coating and cathodic protection.

    3. Anti-wear, tensile strength and impact resistance are far superior to common pipe materials.

    4. The inside of the pipe is kept smooth for a long time, and the capacity of the system is maximized, which can save pumping costs.

    5. The weight of the pipe is lighter, which can save installation costs. It can be cut on site using a chainsaw or a normal hand saw without the use of expensive or complicated machinery.

    6. Built-in annular locking washer eliminates the requirement of on-site welding of old PVC drainage pipes.

    7. In the deep trench, the elastic gasket provides a good sealing function to protect the entire pipeline from impact, vibration, soil movement, expansion and contraction.

    8. Simple push-in connection provides quick and easy installation without the need for on-site mixing and cement.

    9. The joint will maintain good airtightness under normal working conditions.

PVC-UH drain pipe application

    "Aoke" low-pressure buried sewage and drainage PVC-UH pipe is suitable for conveying domestic sewage and specific industrial wastewater.

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